Benjamin Bee, Director

Benjamin Bee

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Languages spoken: English

A Plastic Toy Dinosaur

  • Drama
  • English
  • 09 minutes
  • 2006

Morgan, a nine-year-old boy, is picked up by his absentee father, Rod for his weekly visit. By the end of the day, Morgan has realised that his dad is just as fragile and immature as himself, and that age means nothing when parents cannot communicate with their children. Rod buys his son the wrong ice-cream, swears at his teacher and won't hold Morgan's hand when he crosses the road.

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  • Benjamin Stevens


    Benjamin Stevens

  • Benjamin Stevens


    Benjamin Stevens

  • Rob Watson


    Rob Watson

  • Harjeet Mander


    Harjeet Mander

  • Jamie Goodbrand

    Director of Photography

    Jamie Goodbrand

  • Richard Dawson


    Richard Dawson

  • Neelam Shikotra

    Sound Recordist

    Neelam Shikotra

  • Not registered


    Dan Mersh

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    Clem Tibber

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    Miss Millner

    Penny Granycome

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    Ainsley Mitchell

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    Ice cream man

    Benjamin Bee

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    Nominated - BBC New Filmmakers Award, 2006

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