Guy Ducker, Director

Guy Ducker

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Languages spoken: English


  • Drama
  • English
  • 04 minutes
  • 2007

Will is shocked when he's told that his colleague Emma has died whilst on holiday. The next day he's even more surprised when he sees her walking passed the window of the cafe in which he's sitting.He stops her and relates to her what he's been told. They sit and have a coffee together, during which conversation it gradually becomes clear that Will has feelings for Emma that he'd never got round to expressing. But is he too late?

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  • Celia Haining


    Celia Haining

  • Dan Rack

    Director of Photography

    Dan Rack

  • Deborah Mollison


    Deborah Mollison

  • Not registered


    Lynette Creane

  • Not registered


    Dan Mersh

  • Not registered


    Sarah-Jane Potts

  • Not registered


    Jalaal Hartley

  • Not registered


    Cineglobe, Geneva, 2007

  • Not registered


    London Film Makers Convention, London, 2007

  • Not registered


    Angel Film Festival, London, 2007

  • Not registered


    London Short Film Festival, London, 2008

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