Oscar Andrade, Director

Oscar Andrade

Country of origin: United States

Languages spoken: English

Endless thoughts

  • Drama
  • English
  • 04 minutes
  • 2015

"A young man puzzled piecing together his emotion, takes matters into his own hands; alone on his roof with a pen and paper."

Selected by: The Film Network


My names Oscar A. Andrade I'm 22 years of age; a recently graduated college undergrad student. Born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY. Im a striving young man with a vast variety of talents and skills, who's dedicated to hard work and improving everyday. I'm looking to start my acting/script-writing career as soon as possible, I've been yearning for an opportunity for quit some time but I've never had the proper guidance through the business.p.s my contact information is: oscarantonio93@aol.com

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