Rob Curry, Director

Rob Curry

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Languages spoken: English


  • Drama
  • English
  • 06 minutes
  • 2009

Two lovers love to fight. When he brings home the wrong flavour ice-cream, he knows it's a mistake that could prove fatal. The couple revisit their violent past as they try to come to terms with the difference between pecans and pistachios.Short fact: We had two days to film and lost the entire first day due to the unexpected intrusion of a tornado.

Selected by: The Film Network

  • Mark Townsend


    Mark Townsend

  • Richard Mitchell

    Director of Photography

    Richard Mitchell

  • Fabrice Pougnard

    Sound Designer

    Fabrice Pougnard

  • Andy Stuteley


    Andy Stuteley

  • Not registered


    John Lightbody

  • Not registered


    Maimie McCoy

  • Not registered


    Edinburgh International Film Festival

  • Not registered


    Filmstock, 2008

  • Not registered


    UK Film Council

  • Not registered


    Hull International Film Festival, 2009

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