Frequently asked questions

Can anyone upload a film?

No. Only films that have been recognised by credible film organisations get access to The Film Network. So if your film has been selected by a Film Festival or by another curatorial organisation (distributor, broadcaster, established production companies) then you can submit your film. Being on TFN is a mark of true quality.

NOTE: If you are signed to a sales agent/distributor either exclusively or non-exclusively, or are in talks with one regarding any of your titles then please do let us know. We do not want to publish any film without the proper permissions. Contact on us at We are happy to provide your sales agent/distributor with information regarding TFN.

Who are 'creditable' organisations in the film industry?

Film Festivals, distributors, funding organisations, production companies, film and media schools and broadcasters are what we mean by 'creditable' organisations. In the end we will have to make a some judgement calls. We are keen to protect the integrity of TFN and so are keen that the organisations that endorse (or 'accredit') films on TFN are appropriate. So, for example, the fact that you are a production company does not mean that you able to select films for TFN. You will need to have a good track record and/or a distinct portfolio of quality content.

Contact us at if you want to know more or to introduce your organisation.

Is TFN service free?

Yes, the basic service will always be free. Video distribution, profiles and basic networking will always be free. We will be introducing enhanced, paid-for networking and distribution features. These are entirely optional. 

Do you want exclusive rights?

No, we do not need exclusive rights on TFN. We want to be able to show your film because it is the best way to showcase your talents and the talents of all those individuals and organisations that helped you make it. It is a business calling card for you and everybody who helped you make it. That is what The Film Network is all about. If you can't show your film than show the trailer, that way everyone can see how good you are.

What's in it for rights holders?

Rights holders get control over their film and insight into who from the film industry worldwide is watching and likes your film.  

The basic networking and video distribution service on TFN is free, and will always stay that way. Over the next few months we will be adding more and more features for you to opt into. 

Of course, you are free to remove your film whenever you like.

Why should I bother getting cast and crew to register?

We all know a film is a collaborative effort. There are a lot of talent, skills and favours involved so why not make sure that everybody gets the benefit of showcasing and networking. We ask individuals and organisations to not only credit everyone but invite them to join too so that they get the full benefits. In time they will see who is watching the film they are in: the casting director spotting their acting talents or the Director in search of a writer or Director of Photography. And of course everyone you invite on is going to help promote your film too.

Is TFN on YouTube too?

Yes but only for streaming purposes. Films on The Film Network are on Youtube too but they are 'unlisted' -  so not promoted at all. We do not seek to exploit your films in anyway without your permission and a means for you to earn too.

Can a film festival join TFN?

TFN can be the showcase for your selections and award-winning films. It is an opportunity to screen your selections to the industry at large and to audiences worldwide beyond your festival. The films you endorse will get access to TFN and the talent behind the making of those films stand to benefit in terms of their careers and businesses.

We also offer more bespoke digital solutions and YouTube Channel management services that will help boost the value of your online activities and promote your festival around the world. Contact us to learn more:

Why should a film funder join TFN?

Whatever your reason for funding a film it is important that your creative judgement is recognised. It is also important that you are able to provide evidence for the success of the projects or talent you have chosen to fund. We are developing talent tracking technology and an analytics package that could make all the difference to how you articulate the value of your investments or funding initiatives, and also help you achieve your commercial or social goals.

There are other ways in which TFN can help too. Our Digital Solutions is a bespoke service aimed at helping organisations make the most or their online presence through the exploitation of our technology and data. We also offer Channel management services within our YouTube channel network, boosting views and revenue. Contact us on to learn more.

Why should distributors join TFN?

It is a global market. This is your chance to reach out and meet the new players in new territories and grow your reputation for being proactive and innovative in how you go about your business. Over the coming months we will introducing features that will give you a much greater insight into the market worldwide as well as access to the individuals or organisations that have expressed interest in your films. It's the most cost efficient way to experiment and try out new markets and approaches.

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Why should online publishers or digital channels join TFN?

If you are looking for quality content you will find it here. As an online publisher, digital channel, portal or platform, you are free to explore and discover new films. It is an easy, cost-free exercise for us to syndicate the films you select. And you get to share any revenue generated by the content on your site. 

Why should a production company join TFN?

TFN is somewhere you can demonstrate the sum total of your work to the industry. You will also get insight into what publishers, film festivals, distributors and audiences are looking for. You can target promotions of new releases or projects you are working to the relevant members of TFN.

And we can help you boost your own online presence too. Get in contact if you want to learn more about how our data, technology, showcasing solutions and channel management activities can help boost your effectiveness in the digital market place:

Why should Film schools join TFN?

TFN is a service which already attracts film students. TFN sets out to be the de facto platform for the best emerging talent from film schools around the world. We hope it will be where your students are able to make their first meaningful contact in the industry, independent of your support. 

If you are a film school, speak to us and see 

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Why should media faculties, departments and schools join TFN?

TFN is a showcase for a broad range of filmmaking including animation, music videos, mini-series, experimental work. We recognise that the next star filmmaker can just as easily come from related creative disciplines. So please view TFN as a place where your best students can showcase their work.

It is also a showcase for you as educators. Contact us if you want to know more about

  • how our data and technology can support your online activities
  • how our channel management can establish or build up your YouTube activities
  • our discounts for students on any future paid for services