Encounters Audience Awards 2015

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Daphné or the lovely specimen, short film from Encounters Festival


An animated documentary by Sébastien Laudenbach & Sylvain Derosne As any pretty plant, Daphné buds, opens, fills with fragrance and loses leaves. But is never allowed pick … Combining animation and continuous shooting, Daphné or the lovely specimen is a documentary painting the portrait of an unchaste and sensitive woman who speaks to us first about her body then about her heart. Without waffle. A film written and directed by Sébastien Laudenbach and adapted by himself and Sylvain Derosne With the account of Daphné Original soundtrack: Juliette Armanet and Manuel Peskine Cinematography: Jérémy Lesquenner, Simon Gesrel, Jean-Louis Padis - Sound: Emile Chapon, Alexis Farou - Editing : Sylvain Derosne, Sébastien Laudenbach, Santi Minasi – Sound Editing: Alexandre Hecker - Sound effects engineer : Romain Anklewicz, Baptiste Marie - Mix : Xavier Marsais - Production : Les Films Sauvages - Jean-Christophe Soulageon With the support of CNC (aide au programme d’entreprise) and Procirep-Angoa/Agicoa

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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival