Encounters Audience Awards 2015

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Fox Tale - Official (2015), short film from Encounters Festival


Synopsis In love with his gorgeous tail, a vainglorious fox makes fun of the hare for having a bushy tail. The fox’s vanity lands him in trouble, but he continues to mock other tails and flaunt his tail. When the fox cannot keep his raging tail-envy in check, a disaster ensues. Director's note Shin wanted to create a fun story that would make the viewers smile but leave them with something to think about after the smile fades. “FOX TALE” takes a humorous swipe at our society’s obsession with external appearance while reinforcing the message that what goes around does always come around. After watching the film, children might appreciate the importance of not teasing other people for their looks, or they may feel sorry for the fox for his plight despite what he has done. The film would have succeeded either way. Director : Doosun Shin Story/Art : Doosun Shin All CG Production : Doosun Shin Composer : Zev Burrows

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United Kingdom

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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival