John Holder - Illustrator | a short documentary by Louis Holder, short film from Louis Holder

John Holder - Illustrator | a short documentary by Louis Holder


JOHN HOLDER: ILLUSTRATOR [The Authorised Documentary] is a Short Biographical Documentary on Veteran Illustrator, Cyclist and Bluegrass Musician John Holder. He is known internationally for his phenomenal creative talent and specialises in classic pen drawing with a generous twist of humour.The film, made my his grandson Louis Holder charts a more personal account of his artistic world bringing in brief glimpses of John's personal life and his love for many things; from cycling to chopping down trees, bluegrass music and travelling.Newspapers, magazines, ad agencies and big brands are all among his clients, and John was also responsible for the book GOD Good Old Drawing, in 2012, which featured the work of 100 like-minded creatives.John loves old stuff in general guitars, watches, bikes, and more and lives in a 17th century home which also houses his studio. He helped set up the Cambridge Folk Festival 50 years ago, and played in one of the UK's first Bluegrass bands. Every year he makes regular visits to Nashville, the home of the music he loves.

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