LITTLE BRINKLAND , short film from Claudine Helene Aumord



Summary This is a fictional documentary made in 2006 for 2012. Fictional Characters. Future scapes of Work. The cold zone is an area in London when people are not allowed to use technology, due to people becoming ruled by its use and having it made them insular, these stories of how technology makes its subjects in this case people introverts, for example one character whom is so introvert she cannot arrange a date without the internet dating sites, now looking back this is an image of what then future would become and it did become that, it was what was happening at the time and where we were going due to advances in technology, can either free you up or make you introvert. LITTLE BRINKLAND, Superflux /RCA- London Design Festival 2006, Anab Jain Location Is London UK ENGALND LANGUAGE IS English, Producer and Director was Anad JainStarring and Crew Produced and written and directed music and sound and editing by Anad Jain RCA interaction Design / Cast Alice by Claudine Aumord, Adam Sutcliffe and Darren Batten Man # 1 and # 2 / Research partner is Colebrook Boson Saunders / Design research for Projects from the Helen Hamlyn Research Associates Programme Genre Fictional Documentary Drama Time length 4 minutes and 23 seconds

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    Anad Jain

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    Cast – Lucy by Claudine Aumord, Adam Sutcliffe and Darren Batten Man # 1 and # 2

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