Local Hero, short film from Jamie Kennerley

Horncastle resident Michael Bosworth takes action when a group of long-distance lorry drivers start using a patch of woodland as a rest stop. He contacts the council who, after much prodding, install CCTV. This proves enormously ineffective as the drivers simply urinate out of range of the cameras. Eventually, and again after much prodding from Michael, local Councillor Lewis Timms writes a stern letter to the haulage company to inform them that the council will impose hefty fines if the practise continues. It doesn't, and with that, Michael becomes a local hero. In an instant his life is changed, as well as his ambitions.Local Hero (in a shorter 3-minute version) was Jamie's entry into the Bahamas 14 Islands Film Challenge, and took him through to the final of the competition. He was subsequently sent off to Grand Bahama to make a film that captured the spirit of the island.

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    Lewis Timms

    Clayton Charles

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    Michael's Mother

    Sylvia Holden

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    Deborah's Dad

    Martin Holden

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    Lynsey Fennell

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    Michael Bosworth

    Dan Shelton

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    Semi-finalist, Bahamas 14 Islands Film Challenge, 2009

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    Kino London, 2009

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    Cineroleum, 2010

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