Tell Him Next Year, short film from George Featherby

Tell Him Next Year


It's Christmas Eve. Dad's got indigestion. Mum can't decide whether now's the time to tell seven year-old William the truth about Father Christmas. And downstairs there are intruders. One is very fat and is eating all the mince pies. The other is abnormally short and has strangely pointy ears. Are they burglars? Escaped lunatics? Perverts? Or could it be... Father Christmas and his Elf? Whoever they are, little William is on their list.Tell him Next Year made the official selection at the Glastonbury Horror Fest, the Hampshire Film Festival and the Atlanta Horror Film Festival. Warwick Davis was nominated for best actor by the International FIlmaker Festival. And the film was a semi-finalist in the short film category of the Fadein Awards in Los Angeles.Made on a zero budget, Tell Him Next Year is 12 minutes long and features Warwick Davis (Willow, Harry Potter, Star Wars) as Santa's Elf and Harrison Sansostri (Creation) as William. With stunts arranged by Roy Scammell (Clockwork Orange, Alien). Written and directed by David Margolis and produced by Caroline Mckenzie. Filmed by George Featherby. End titles music by Richard Cheese used by kind permission of Surfdog Records.

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