Encounters Audience Awards 2015

Film Festival

Testing. Music Video for The Slow Show., short film from Encounters Festival


Stop-motion music video for The Slow Show song ‘Testing’. The themes of loneliness, depression and agoraphobic behaviour are visited through both the song and character of Jan, a man cocooned in the four walls of his flat, struggling with his demons and the thoughts of getting out into the world again. When I heard The Slow Show, I was immediately drawn in to their style of music, the deep vocals combined with rich instrumentals really stood out to me. After becoming friends with the band (Fred, the Keyboardist was my next-door neighbor), I asked them if they would consider allowing me to have a shot at making a film for ‘Testing’, a song I loved from the moment I heard it. Happily, they agreed. We sat down and talked about various ideas, and decided that a simple idea of a person struggling with their own demons of being in “a dark-place” would complement the song. Stop-motion was the ideal medium; when people see the puppet of Jan, they feel warmth towards him, they think he’s cute. Then when they realize he is alone and fed-up, that feeling becomes one of sorrow and sympathy, which is the emotion the music evokes. Jan the puppet is only 10 inches high and the viewer knows this. However, the loneliness and solitude of his life makes him seem even smaller, and therefore, more delicate. Various influences played a part in the making of Testing. The setting of the lonely-but-cosy flat was influenced by my own life, when I was in my 20s and lived in a high-rise in Salford. The exterior is Manchester, its landscape of Warehouses and railway arches are where I live and are deep-rooted in the ‘Northern’ sound of the band. Animations such as Going Equipped by Aardman animations and Next by Barry Purves were inspirations, simply because of their well-observed, single-character performances. Terry Gilliam’s cutout sequences from Monty Python certainly inspired the film’s opening

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