Aimie Willemse, Director

Aimie Willemse

Country of origin: United States


Languages spoken: English

The Distances Between

  • Drama
  • English
  • 284 minutes

THE DISTANCES BETWEENTensions rise when a frustrated Sophie begins to realise that geography isn't the only distance growing between her and her boyfriend James. Sensing her growing uneasiness, James pushes Sophie into reluctantly confessing all her unspoken doubts and fears about their uncertain future together. With this startling revelation, they are both suddenly faced with the difficult truth about their relationship: that love alone might not be enough to survive the distance.​

Selected by: The Film Network


Since graduating from Visual Communication and Media Design from Abertay in 2011, Aimie Willemse has written and directed several short films across Scotland throughout her filmmaking career. Since moving to Glasgow, Aimie has been constantly challenging herself; creating new and compelling stories that will transport her audiences to new worlds through clear vision and collaboration. Her most recent short films "The Distances Between" and "Control" are perfect examples of how she experiments in different genres; one is a dialogue heavy and character driven piece while the other focuses on combining mesmerising choreography and silent narrative together. These shorts are seemingly polar opposites from each other but both serve a purpose of telling stories from a fresh perspective which she continues to do this throughout her work.

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