Alex Lodge, Director

Alex Lodge


Country of origin: United Kingdom


Languages spoken: English

44 Days

  • Documentary
  • English
  • 03 minutes
  • 1

'44 Days' is a documentary film about Sergio Carlos Requena Rueda, a Chilean political refugee who survived the 1975 Coup D'état rebellion against the dictator President Augusto Pinochet. 44 Days looks into Sergio's capture and ventures in depth into Sergio's treatment and torture. Sergio shares his stories of his time in Villa Grimaldi the main concentration camp he was held in, as well as his time in many torture cells. Sergio's dramatic story pushes his and our faith in humanity to the maximum, yet the man we meet is still full of positivity and has high hopes for our world.

Selected by: The Film Network

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Hey folks!I am a third year Media Production student at Coventry University. My interests include filmmaking, documentary production, photography, music production and occasional acting. I am highly familiar with using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Logic Pro X. My main interest is documentary filmmaking, having produced a globally acclaimed documentary about the Spice Girls for their 20th anniversary in July 2016. The film has been spoken about across many different media platforms (radio/newspaper/news websites), shown across the world at exhibitions, and has been personally endorsed by the Spice Girls themselves. With my passionate, determined and strong-willed attitude, I keep myself grounded and ensure that I create the best work possible.Alongside doing my university degree, I am a videographer at Frank Harvey Hi-Fi Excellence in Coventry; creating weekly product review videos that gather thousands of views weekly. My role involves filming the product, filming the staff member reviewing the product and editing it over a 24 hour period for a next-day upload. I also do occasional work for Independent Educational Services in Stockingford, Nuneaton; an independent school that specialises in bespoke education for children with behavioural and learning difficulties. I create training videos featuring the two managers of the school, that are soon to be part of an online training package for teachers across the globe to purchase.Overall, I am an incredibly excited about my future as a media producer and I'm ready to take on any challenge that comes my way with enthusiasm and dedication.

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