Ayrton Mc Gurgan, Director

Ayrton Mc Gurgan

Email: ayrton966ee3241505e3a22b1ddb3ac2118f6e26d@hotmail.com

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Languages spoken: English

A Day In The Life...

  • Drama
  • English
  • 101 minutes
  • 2015

Cinematic Arts - CinematographyAssessment:You are required to submit a piece of video no longer than 2 minutes which explores the following:1. A day in the life: consider a typical day and six events which occur in that day.2. First, storyboard the six events paying particular attention to light and camera configuration.3. Each sequence can vary in length, though not exceed the final time limit when combined.4. Tracking shots may be used.5. No dialogue is to be used.6. A music soundtrack may be used.7. Sound design/effects may be used.8. Each two-person team must use a Canon C100 camera rig and lighting equipment. Arrange equipmentloan via John9. No colour grading of the final edit. Submit what was captured on set only.Cast:Chris KiddCrew:Ayrton Mc GurganLee Chambers

Selected by: The Film Network

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My name's Ayrton Mc Gurgan, a 2nd year Cinematic Arts student at Ulster University Magee. Welcome to my profile!Apart from studying with the aim to finish my degree during term time and summer I do some freelance work: Event, wedding, music videos as well as a few short films, all of which you can find in my portfolio.Next summer I'm off to London to be part of my first feature with cast/crew members I worked and networked with at the National Youth Film Academy where we turn group 3's short film, Remembering Amy into a full length feature and that's just one side of my life...

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