Brindusa Ioana Nastasa, Director

Behind the Monastery Walls

  • Documentary
  • English
  • 47 minutes
  • 2012

The monastery is the sacred home of God, but also home to the nuns and monks who have dedicated their lives to God. Romania's monasteries are known worldwide for their magnificent beauty, but what do we know about the people that live there? How different is the life they lead? How different is the way they see the world?Behind the Monastery Walls presents a selection of intimate and inspiring interviews in which nuns and monks in Romanian monasteries lay bare their thoughts and real beliefs.Behind the Monastery Walls is my graduation film from BA Media Production Coventry University. I received a scholarship from the Peter Kirk Memorial Fund supported by the European Parliament and produced 2 short documentaries which talks about monastic life in Romania (Behind the Monastery Walls) and in England (Sisters in Love).

Selected by: The Film Network

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I love playing God, therefore I make films.

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