Chris Croucher, Writer

Chris Croucher

Country of origin: United Kingdom


Languages spoken: English

In Passing

  • Drama
  • English
  • 11 minutes
  • 2009

The howling air raid sirens pierce the tranquillity of London's night sky as the German Air Force launch yet another devastating attack. Every night, the heaving hordes of men, women and children take to their shelters in the labyrinth of London's underground tunnels and stations. Fay Travers is a mother like so many others - with both her husband and her only son away fighting, she must carry on the burden of the war effort on the HomeFront alone. However, when an innocuous letter arrives on Fay's doorstep one morning, her life is instantly turned upside down. Unable to open it, fearing the contents within, Fay bravely carries on with her daily routine.That evening, as she takes shelter once again on the cold station platform, she is visited by her son, Henry. By morning, not only will she have said goodbye, she will also have learned the terrible secret that her letter holds.In Passing is an intimate story of love and loss, set against the epic backdrop of war-torn London.Screened on BBC HD as part of BBC HD Film Shorts

Selected by: The Film Network

  • Michael Berliner


    Michael Berliner

  • Paula Turnbull (Associate Producer)


    Paula Turnbull (Associate Producer)

  • Steven Forrester


    Steven Forrester

  • John Bailie

    Director of Photography

    John Bailie

  • Michael Ferguson


    Michael Ferguson

  • Sophie Hervieu

    Production Designer

    Sophie Hervieu

  • Marella Shearer

    Makeup Artist

    Marella Shearer

  • Sarah Ward & Marion Weise

    Costume Designer

    Sarah Ward & Marion Weise

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    Lesley Sharp

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    Russell Tovey

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    Captain P Maybrick

    Sean Pertwee

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    Lorraine Stanley

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    Jayne Dickinson

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    Mat Ruttle

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Chris is an award winning filmmaker with over ten years of on set experience within the film & TV business.He is currently producing season 6 of ‘Downton Abbey' for Carnival Films & TV.After graduating in 2003 Chris worked his way up from the classic starting ground as a floor runner. He's worked on films and shows such as; Broadchurch, Downton Abbey, Little Dorrit, The Deep Blue Sea, Wallander, Criminal Justice, Small Island, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and 28 Weeks Later to name just a few.During this time Chris maintained his passion in producing and writing and made several short films as well as developing features and TV projects. His most recent short ‘Friend Request Pending' (writer/producer) toured the globe. The film premiered at the 2012 BFI London Film Festival and stars Judi Dench, Penny Ryder and Tom Hiddleston. The silver surfer comedy is a cheeky tale of finding love in all the wrong places and the perils of social networking when you're drawing your pension.Friend Request Pending is now available via iTunes.Chris made his first professional short film entitled ‘The Beachcombers' in 2008. The 10-minute romantic tale starred Charity Wakefield and Rasmus Hardiker and was funded by Film London via the Lewisham film initiative. It went on to win the 2008 Best Of Borough Award (voted for by the viewers of ITV London Tonight) presented at BAFTA.Following ‘The Beachcombers' success Chris made ‘In Passing'. A 1940's WWII drama starring Lesley Sharp, Russell Tovey and Sean Pertwee. The film was screened on the BBC HD channel in Autumn 2010.In January 2010, Chris was nominated for the BBC Writers Room ‘Tony Doyle Bursary For New Writing'. From hundreds of script entries his feature entitled ‘Christie' was shortlisted amongst the final seven. Later that year he was shortlisted for the BBC writer's academy.In 2013 Chris made the move from assistant director to producer. His first show was Downton Abbey season 5. Chris is represented by Josh Varney and Mady Neil at 42+44 207 292 055442First floor, 8 Flitcroft Street, London WC2H 8DL

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