Daniel Van Aldere, Director

Daniel van Aldere

Email: daniel.mendonca50718f7967b9e0fa06b54651b2a3fe1b8d@gmail.com

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Website: NA

Languages spoken: English


  • Drama
  • English
  • 234 minutes
  • 2015

Short movie made at Harvard University, NYFA Summer Camp, filmed with Canon DSLR, edited with Adobe Premiere Pro. This movie explores the psychologically disturbing imagery of a girl suffering from schizophrenia and the way she has to deal with distorted memories of her past and present reality. Her own childhood figure, the teddy bear, becomes the master of all her malevolent delusions, haunting her as she struggles to overcome the vile disease which consumes her to the depths of her poor, demented soul.

Selected by: The Film Network


Basic Bio: 18 year old film enthusiast moving from Portugal to study in London. Four nationalities; Dutch, Portuguese, Bolivian and Brazilian. Fluent in english (educated in an American International School) Portuguese and Spanish. Aspiring director/scriptwriter. Experience: Doing shorts since 13, did a summer internship with a film distribution and production company in Lisbon (Outsider), studied creative writing summer program at Columbia University for three weeks and digital filmmaking summer program at the New York Film Academy (Harvard University) for four weeks.

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