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    Dora is a graduate of the School of Printing and Graphic Design, Brno, Czech Republic and a graduate with distinction in Graphic Design of the College of North West London. She created the Media Club at Malorees Junior School in 2007 and she now hosts an Animation Club at Maple Walk School. A huge benefit of these longer-term projects is that it cultivates focus and commitment. Since the kids on her courses know that their finished picture, model or collage will be used in the animated film, it helps them to concentrate and remain patient as well as exercising creativity. Dora also gives them a chance to record their voices for the animation, so that they get to hear themselves and develop their narrative skills.Dora also collaborates with Jelli Tots Nursery to run an animated project designed for children as young as four. How many neighbourhoods give little folks a chance to be filmmakers? Take a bow, North-West London. At such a young age, making art is not just a fun way to keep nippers busy either (attention, alpha parents!), it helps whippersnappers develop a range of skills in a way not many other projects could.Drawing, building models and creating collages are some of the ways Dora's animation-making also help develop motor activity.Their animations have started clocking up awards. ‘Lost in London Town' (2010) was shown at the Museum of London and now ‘Mutiny in the Aquarium' (2013) is featuring in this year's Take One Picture display at the National Gallery.Many of the animations Dora helps children make get screened at the Lexi Cinema which means you might even have seen one at a public viewing on a Saturday morning.

    Film catalogue


    The animation created by Faraday School children. This story is based on Jane Goodall's life.

    • Animation
    • English
    • 438 minutes
    • 2019
    The Adventure of Elizabeth Cook (2019)

    The animation written by Matilda Hillyard. Animators: Sophie Venit, Tilly Gori, Grace Wijeratna and Matilda Hillyard.Voice actors:Elizabeth - Sophie VenitMum and narrator: Matilda...

    • Animation
    • English
    • 548 minutes
    • 2020

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  • Dora Martinkova The work with children has, among many film festivals, been shown at the National Gallery, the Barbican Cinema and the Museum of London. Recently our animation ‘The Attack of Plastic Pollution' have won Best Animation at the Cardiff International Film Festival. Find...

    15th Jan 2020