Emma Frayne-Ford, Director

Emma Frayne-Ford

Email: emma087087deda06221e06aec634406030cb@emmafrayne.co.uk

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Website: emmafrayne.co.uk

Languages spoken: English

Almost Perfect

  • Drama
  • English
  • 502 minutes
  • 1

"Almost Perfect" Is a thriller motivated by forbidden sexual desire that was repressed by and against the Law in 1940s UK.Helen works at an undertakers and is a make up artist and stylist to the dead. As of late Helen has developed a dark desire: the urge to act upon this desire is one she can no longer resist.Helen starts to advertise for a new assistant but is she looking for an assistant or a blank canvas on which to create her next masterpiece?

Selected by: The Film Network


Emma Frayne-Ford is a Welsh born filmmaker, with a background in acting. She has a keen eye for comedy, her work is riveting character-driven nonfiction that delivers emotionally and narratively, with aesthetic choices that excite the eye, but they also reach below the surface to reverberate with meaning.Emma is continuing to refine her quietly powerful approach to storytelling with a series of short films and documentaries.

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