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"Cookie-tin Banjo" by Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers

  • Animation

"Cookie-tin Banjo” is from Benjamin Scheuer’s show THE LION Buy the song on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/cookie-tin-banjo/id893755100?i=893755259 Benjamin takes THE LION on tour around the United States until the end of 2016. Details and tickets at www.TheLionMusical.com and www.BenjaminScheuer.com Visit Benjamin Scheuer here http://www.benjaminscheuer.com Follow him on Twitter @BenjaminScheuer (http://twitter.com/benjaminscheuer) *********** Video directed and produced by Peter Baynton at Radish Pictures http://www.radish-pictures.com https://twitter.com/radishpictures Illustrations by Nicholas Stevenson http://nicholasstevenson.tumblr.com/ Animated by Carlos de Faria, Peter Dodd, Peter Baynton Additional animation by Tom Rourke and John O'Connor Artworking by Beth Carson, Nefeli Petika and Tom Rourke Nicholas Stevenson is represented by Folio http://www.folioart.co.uk/ ***********

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