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    My name is Freya Roy, I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, shortly graduating with a BA (Hons) in Music (Jazz Composition and Music Production). For the past four years studying music I am predicted to obtain a grade 1:1. Having spent time at Birmingham Conservatoire studying Jazz Guitar it has given me invaluable experience to expand my playing as a guitarist and performer at industry level. Continuing my studies at Leeds College of Music, I began a BA (Hons) in Music (Jazz Composition and Music Production); where I have been able to develop my skills not only as a jazz musician, but as a contemporary music producer, composer and label owner (FCR Music Ltd). It is here that I have discovered my love for composing for the moving image, which I have used to endeavour in creative collaborative projects, including film and dance. I perform well in small teams and working across departments, and have collaborated in projects with independent film makers and developing artists. My concerns are to discover and create music with a hybrid of genres and influences, and from completing my degree in May 2018, I am looking to take my skills and experience even further. To give you an idea of what I do in film, my most recent work entitled ‘Women & The Creative Industry' is an independent documentary, which I made specifically for International Women's Day 2018. My evolving practice has motivated me to help represent female artists, where only 5% of producers are women, 16% of PRS for Music's members are female and 14% of Jazz musicians are female; I appreciate this minority, as I am currently the only female jazz guitarist at the College. I am enthusiastic to play an active role in fighting for equality in the creative industry and strive to discover and support emerging talent. 'Women & The Creative Industry' champions the work and talent of relevant and successful female musicians, producers, writers, and DJs of today. As well as having this screened at multiple independent film festivals across the UK, throughout Spring/Summer 2018 I am managing two events in London and Leeds to showcase the official launch screening of this project, accompanied alongside live music in aid of a women's charity. Please don't hesitate to get in contact! I am excited to work in creative projects of any size and shape.

    Film catalogue

    FCR Music Presents: Women & The Creative Industry

    ‘FCR Music Presents: Women & The Creative Industry‘, is a collaboration with independent filmmaker, Emile Scott Burgoyne. This is a documentary featuring 8 creatives, who we sat down with to...

    • Documentary
    • English
    • 18 minutes
    • 2018