George Adamson

George Adamson



    Country of origin: United Kingdom



    I am an aspiring Film-maker, who loves to direct, shoot, edit and post-produce my films. I have just graduated BA (Hons) Film and Television at the University of Lincoln, I am now undertaking my masters in MA Media, Film & Television Production. I have a passion for creating short-films, documentaries, experimental films, commercial campaigns and music videos. As my style continues to develop, I am interested in creating films with a pace and structure that challenges the norm, smartly executed productions, and making films that look fantastic whilst still breaking new ground.I have a growing talent in all areas of the production process, I excel in directing and photography, editing and sound design.

    Film catalogue

    Waking Hours

    Waking HoursUniversity of Lincoln Film-making Society 72 hour Competition Winner 2014 Directed and Cinematography by George AdamsonProduced by Zak AtkinStory by George Adamson and Jack...

    • Drama
    • English
    • 04 minutes
    • 2014