George Adamson, Director

George Adamson


Country of origin: United Kingdom


Languages spoken: English

Waking Hours

  • Drama
  • English
  • 04 minutes
  • 2014

Waking HoursUniversity of Lincoln Film-making Society 72 hour Competition Winner 2014 Directed and Cinematography by George AdamsonProduced by Zak AtkinStory by George Adamson and Jack DowellScreenplay by George Adamson and Graham WilsoncroftStaring Jack Dowell & Graham Wilsoncroft (Voice)Editing, Sound recording and mixing by Harley Burnett Special Thanks to the University of Lincoln and the UoL Film-making society Our challenge for The University of Lincoln Film-making society was to create a short film within 72-hours which must contain the line "She bought me a drink and now I don't know what to do". We created 'Waking Hours' by filming all the visuals and creating the story through a narration. We had a rough idea of where to start, but things really came together in the editing process. We really didn't mean to make a film as serious we ended up making. We won first place in the competition; I personally feel honoured since we came up against very, very strong competition and it was a very close call! Thank You to my team members for all their hard-work and time they put into making this film, it has been really great to have everyone collaborating, learning and sharing ideas. Strong Language warning, best to listen to with headphones if you're at work!

Selected by: The Film Network


I am an aspiring Film-maker, who loves to direct, shoot, edit and post-produce my films. I have just graduated BA (Hons) Film and Television at the University of Lincoln, I am now undertaking my masters in MA Media, Film & Television Production. I have a passion for creating short-films, documentaries, experimental films, commercial campaigns and music videos. As my style continues to develop, I am interested in creating films with a pace and structure that challenges the norm, smartly executed productions, and making films that look fantastic whilst still breaking new ground.I have a growing talent in all areas of the production process, I excel in directing and photography, editing and sound design.

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