George Yearsley

George Yearsley



    Country of origin: United Kingdom


    From a very young age, one thing that has really driven me forward in life is the urge to create. As a child I faced many hardships, whether it was loss or difficulty making friends, but the one thing that was always apparent was that I felt the need to make art. My love of drawing led to curiosity. Curiosity of what my drawings would look like onscreen, moving. My love of drawing led to making short films with my friends over the summer. The one thing that those shorts lacked was real structure, so that made me curious as to how a film was structured, which eventually led to my love and deep appreciation of the script. To this day, the love of film that I have is like a burning fire. I have the need to make films that innovate, inspire and counjure deep emotions within its audience.

    Film catalogue

    Cycle Lane

    Running late for a job interview, the last thing Christian wants is a heated argument with a frustrated cyclist...

    • Comedy
    • English
    • 04 minutes
    • 2017