Inessa Kraft, Actor (female)

Inessa Kraft



Languages spoken: English

Femme Feline

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  • English
  • 02 minutes
  • 3

A fashion short film featuring Ambre Jolie dresses. It follows a mysterious lady who explores the grounds of an old building, searching for clues on her mission to save the World. The beauty wins as usual.

Selected by: The Film Network


Inessa Kraft is as a film, TV and voice actress in local and international projects in Asia and in TV and print advertisement for various brands from all over the world (such as: an advertisement for Oman-Tourism for Euronews, award winning short film "Snowing Summer" (Malaysia) screened in Thailand-Destination Film Festival, educational TV series for NHK channel Japan, advertisements for numerous hotels in Asia, Sharp TVC, Indonesia, PSA campaign for NGO Freeland #FreeLoris, and many others.) Inessa was always interested in life, philosophy and human nature and started to practice acting after reading books of K. Stanislavski. She was amazed that the art of acting is not about pretending or "acting mechanically", but actually about living. In 2016 she lived in 5 different cities for 1-3 months and was shooting in 13 cities all over Asia.

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