Inshra Russell, Director

The Singing Teacher

  • Drama
  • English
  • 12 minutes
  • 3

While auditioning for an ill-tempered guru,a girl sings a song that strikes a magical chord. The Singing Teacher is a 12 min fiction drama that takes you on an enchanted journey into the world of a temperamental singing teacher and his talented pupil to-be.

Selected by: The Film Network


Inshra S Russell is a writer, director and producer known for her short film The Singing Teacher, which won a ‘Special Mention' award at the International Open Film Festival 2016.She has directed and produced music videos and worked freelance as a production co-ordinator for many production companies including Pulse Films. Inshra's work is influenced by the amalgamation of art, music, films, science, food and children's book illustrations.

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