Jeannysse Taylor, Director


  • Drama
  • English
  • 23 minutes

Torn is a daring romantic drama about the story of a young girl who falls in love from a place of brokenness with the perfect guy; But what happens when she finds herself in a self-destructive love affair. Jayda finally begins to get her life on the right track but will she remain faithful when all is tried and tested.

Selected by: The Film Network

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Jeannysse Taylor was born in Gabon 1989 where most of the country is covered by a dense tropical forest. After arriving in the Uk at a young age she excelled in her education and began to get involved in community projects, dance and theatre groups. Jeannysse has always had an interest in Performing arts, her favourite being acting. After studying performing arts at Northampton College she pursued her acting passion and went to drama school in London alongside studying at Brunel University which she studied Drama and film studies. She found it very exciting and rewarding. With the support of her agent she began to experience the life of an actor, going to auditions, travelling, waiting for hours, call backs, rejections and getting the yes.Jeannysse has had the opportunity to work on crafting her skills expanding into more diverse roles such as directing within theatre and film which she is more passionate about.

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