Joseph Lyon, Director

Lead Soul

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An experimental short. A dreamer (Todd Webb) finds himself in a dream-like landscape, both familiar and beyond comprehension. Filmed on Sony FS100, edited on Adobe Premiere Pro, original release April 2015.

Selected by: The Film Network

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    The Dreamer

    Todd Webb


My name is Joseph Lyon, and I'm a Professional Freelancer who has been active since 2010. I studied at the University Of Lincoln from 2013 to 2016, attaining a 2:1 grade in the Media Production BA course. In my final year of study, I became the President of the University Of Lincoln Filmmaking Society, leading a small council in running competitions, social events, charity fundraisers and guest speaker talks. Since graduating, I've worked in Catalonia Spain as an English Teacher, and New Hampshire America as a Photography Director, as well as travelling extensively over Europe. My current ambition in life is to join a film production company, where I can utilise my skillset in various roles, and develop myself further as an artist.If you wish to contact me for a commission, collaborative project or any other inquiry, you can do so through my social media platforms showcased on my main page, or via my email address:

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