Encounters Audience Awards 2015

Film Festival

Joshua Kahan, Director

Joshua Kahan

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Website: www.joshuakahan.co.uk

Languages spoken: English

Japanese Doctor Who

  • Animation

Production: --------------- Joshua Kahan - Director, Writer and Producer Fahd Hashmey - Camera, DoP, Grade Liviu Jipesciu - Location Scout Haruka Abe - Script Translation Cast: ------- Akie Kotabe - Doctor Who Horace Landy - Dalekor Stunts: ---------- Ruben Saint David Meyer Joshua Kahan Sound: --------- Gideon K - Recording and Sound Design Joshua Kahan - Sampling and Sound Design (SFX grabbed from various episodes of Kamen Rider X and Supaidāman) Music -------- 'Dokutaa Who Theme' composed by Rasmus Hardiker and Gideon K Gideon K - Musical arrangement, Bass, Programming, Mixing Jonathan Miller - Drums Andy Watts - Brass

Selected by: The Film Network

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