Mohd M. Rahman

Mohd M. Rahman



    Country of origin: United Kingdom



    Mohd M. Rahman is an Animator and Video Editor based in London. With the skills and experience he has absorbed throughout his career, he is able to take a project from initial conception right down to the completed product.

    Film catalogue


    B*S*T defines a lost world, a place where things are not taken for granted, somewhere that every breath, blink, bite is cherished.It is an orgasmic rainbow of colours with marks made on them...

    • Animation
    • English
    • 01 minutes
    • 2010
    Pertej Detit [Overseas]

    [Overseas]Since the 1990s, Albania has gone through a lot of changes, one of it being that the Albanian people emigrated all over the world mostly to escape. It was the middle of August 1999,...

    • Animation
    • English
    • 05 minutes
    • 2012

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