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This is a very personal documentary that provides an insight into a very special community in which i grew up with in. The people on this site and within this community were family, more then just a location each resident saw this as their sanctuary, from children to elderly people this really was a place that community existed.Recently I led a social campaign against the land lord and Shepherd Neame (whom owned the land on which the caravan was located), after a successful campaign which gained local and national press Shepherd Neame and its Chief Executive Jonathan Neame would not uphold their own core values of community and after over 50 years and 3 generations of customers and residents, Neame evicted the residents and closed a community of people. The film has now become an archival, social documentary which aims to preserve a community lost. Please Enjoy.

Selected by: The Film Network

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    Patrick O'Neill


Hi,I am a fully qualified Media and Film Studies teacher, postgraduate student of M.A Filmmaking awarded a Distinction with a First Class B A Honors Film Studies Degree. Experienced academic understanding of film theory and practical knowledge of film production with industry experience. I have worked independently as a freelance film maker and within professional film crews.I am passionate about Film promoting people, specifically as an outlet for young people. I volunteer at a film youth club and am currently responsible for the coordination of film and media resources and work shops, which are accessible to a range of differentiating learners.I am a film fanatic and as well as watching films I enjoy writing scripts and learning new media software to develop my own understanding and portfolio.I have had recent national press coverage as I led a Social campaign which was headed by a short documentary film that gained hundreds of views across youtube and social net working sites. I hope to add some of my digital portfolio as soon as possible

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