Rachael Gilbert, Editor

Rachael Gilbert

Email: rachaelgilbert1991630e44d3dfe62550869455bf3fc6da52@gmail.com

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Website: http://rachaelgilbert1991.wix.com/video-production

Languages spoken: English


  • Drama
  • English
  • 03 minutes
  • 2014

A video for the first project of my second year on my uni course. I'm looking at human fragility, in particular my own mental health and all the emotions and stigmas that go with getting people to understand mental health issues.This is my black and white version of the video, I also have the original and sepia versions on my channel.

Selected by: The Film Network

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I am currently studying in my final year of my Fine Art degree. I have developed a passion for filmmaking and photography during my course. In the past I have struggled to find a medium to express myself artistically, but when I started to play around with videos I found my strengths in performance and films. The process is long and tiring but I love the connection I get with my work, essentially I become the art. I often use personal experiences and appear in my own photos and videos to create authentic emotive pieces. I have made a collection of short films during my undergraduate course, teaching myself script writing, filming techniques, lighting skills, sound recording and editing skills.

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