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Richard Fenwick



    Richard Fenwick is a film director and screenwriter. He is currently packaging his debut feature film and has a number of other projects in development.His existing writer/director credits include the award-winning short films: LOVE LETTER (Smirnoff Experience Reel Talent Award 2005, Kodak Finalist 2006, Rushes Soho Shorts Finalist 2006, Best Foreign Film, cortoLovere Film Festival 2007), SAFETY PROCEDURES (Hamburg Film Festival Audience Award 2006), ARTIFICIAL WORLDS (IFTC World Tour Winner 2008, Clermont-Ferrand 2008, Annecy 2007), ALBERT'S SPEECH (Encounters 2008, Annecy 2009, Edinburgh 2009), USERGUIDESĀ® (Rushes Soho Shorts Finalist 2008), THE BOX (Kodak Finalist 2007, Rushes Soho Shorts Finalist 2007), CHERRY, EXHAUSTION. Richard is also the director of a number of critically acclaimed music videos, including: TIMO MAAS (MTV Dance/Dancestar Awards), FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND (Rushes Short Film Festival, Mirrorball Film Festival), MUSE, TEENAGE FANCLUB (Mirrorball Film Festival), DEATH IN VEGAS (Raindance Film Festival, Mirrorball Film Festival), BENT. His other commercial work includes credits for some of the biggest brand names worldwide including SONY, MOTOROLA, and PLAYSTATION and his design work helped launch the face of FILMFOUR back in 1998.Richard was nominated for best new director at the CADS in 2001 and the Kinsale awards in 2002, and was hailed as a Screen International Star of Tomorrow in 2007.

    Film catalogue

    Albert's Speech

    Introverted Albert has a speech to deliver. In 18 minutes. For his best friend. In front of 100 people.Welcome to the world of the best man - as seen from the inside out.With the minutes ticking...

    • Comedy
    • English
    • 14 minutes
    • 2008
    Artificial Worlds v3.0

    Artificial Worlds is the end of the world in a short film. Apocalyptic and nihilstic, it shows the world in freefall, focusing on a group of eight anonymous souls as they make their last efforts...

    • Artist' Moving Image
    • English
    • 07 minutes
    • 2005
    Safety Procedures

    Airline safety card characters come to life and try to cope with the demands of an emergency situation.

    • Animation
    • English
    • 03 minutes
    • 2004