Scott Coello, Director

Scott Coello

Country of origin: United Kingdom


Languages spoken: English

She Farted and Created the World

  • Animation
  • English
  • 02 minutes
  • 2009

She Farted And Created The World is an animation about a dog who farts and creates a world... and a sort-of evolution cycle within it. The whole thing is made entirely from recycled papers. Bank statements, bills, scraps found on the street, pointless spam mail, paper the graphic kids throw out (they waste so much paper)... whatever I could get my mitts on! I dedicate this animation to the worlds greatest dog, Maggie, who lost her lady bits last summer. Hope this'll cheer her up. Sketchbook:" Interview with Channel Frederator:

Selected by: The Film Network


Freelance animator and motion thingy from Cornwall, living and werqing in London. *clicks fingers*

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