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    I left broadcast TV after a career editing film at the BBC, other stuff at TVS and various facilities. I ran away to sea in order to have some first hand adventures of my own. A few years later, when all the money had gone, I explored the ambiguity of the dotcom era from the inside, until all the credulity had gone. Pop! New start.The digitalisation of the film and TV industries rekindled my interest in my first career - so I trained on the new toys - and even bought some. I am blessed with enough kit to do what would have cost several million £££s in the early 90s. Since then I have been exploring telling significant stories and intend doing so until all of my life is gone.The website to which I have linked is simply a place where I pontificate online.

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    Erling Matz

    A friend of mine wanted to sail his boat to France and needed a navigator, I had the skills, the time, and a love being at sea. So, on a hot 2011 summer's day, in St Malo, I met Erling Matz, who...

    • Documentary
    • English
    • 03 minutes
    • 2011

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