Will Robbertse, Director

Spring in Delville Woods

  • Drama
  • English
  • 1171 minutes
  • 1

A woman is inspired to create a painting about the great battle that took place in Delville Wood. She is transported to the woods and experiences the process of her art piece. Poem Written by Christa Kleynhans from her book, Red in Awe. We will remember them!

Selected by: The Film Network


Will is involved in the film and television industry for over five years. He has appeared on TV shows like 7de Laan(7th Avenue) and Binnelanders (Inlanders). Will also starred in two of his own short films as the lead character and the last few months he has appeared in films like Trou Voete (Wedding Feet) and The Tenth Man. Will is currently finishing his three short films that are adapted from poems. The film and television companies he has worked for are Welela Studios, Karoo Film Company and ASTV.

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